I was lucky enough to grow up in South Africa and its natural beauty still inspires me to this day. I have now been living in Dubai for about 15 years and love meeting people from all over the world and finding beauty in a different terrain. 

I studied a Fine Art (with hons) degree at Rhodes University in South Africa. After that I worked in London for a couple of years as a food photographer and later as a sports photographer where I travelled the world to capture the emotions and atmosphere at different international sporting events. After London, I returned home and decided I would like to inspire young minds by becoming an Art teacher and share not only the practical aspect of art but also my love for art history.  I studied my PGCE in higher education, taught art and photography to Secondary students and worked as a freelance photographer. 

Art and nature inspire me. I love encouraging artistic talent in young children and seeing their pride in their work when it is finished.

I am always trying to look at the things in a different way. To actually step aside from the hustle and bustle of daily life and look mindfully at the beauty that surrounds us. This is my journey . . .