Red Camel Inspired by Paul Gauguin

In this lesson you are going to explore the stylistic characteristics of Paul Gauguin (1948 -1903).

Gauguin was born in France but spent much of his childhood in Peru, where he fostered a love for exotic places. After returning to France he started painting properly later in life. He loved to capture the feelings and emotions of the people and landscape on the Island of Tahiti.  He is considered a Post-Impressionist and used colour and shape to depict emotion.

This project combines the bright colours, bold shapes and dark outlines that Gauguin is known for. He painted both ‘Arearea (Red Dog)’ 1892 and  ‘Red Cow’ 1889 and using this inspiration we will draw a ‘Red Camel’ to give it a Middle Eastern feel. We will also swop the island of Tahiti for a golden desert. 

Watch the Full Video Tutorial of painting a ‘Red Camel’ in the style of Gauguin

What You’ll Need:

  • A4 White drawing paper
  • A4 Tracing Paper
  • A4 Printer Paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers/Pastels
  • Black Sharpie/marker

Step 1: Select an image of a camel and desert scene. You could use the internet to find the pictures or use the PDF attached below.

Step 2: Draw out the scene using pencil. You could draw it freehand or use tracing paper if you prefer.

Step 3: Go over your pencil lines with black marker. (Gauguin’s works often had thick black outlines!)

Step 4: Colour in your drawing using whichever medium you like but make sure you are using bright, flat, unmodulated colour like Gauguin. Gauguin’s greatest innovation was his use of colour – he used bright colors to show his emotions which were sometimes un realistic like a “Red Cow” or “Blue Tree”.

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