About Artivibe


My name is Sarah and I am the founder of Artivibe – an online hub for art, photography and inspiring creativity in young minds.

Art is one of those passions that found me early on in life and led me to study an Honours Degree in Fine Arts. I’ve always loved both the practical and the art history/philosophy side of things and worked as an artist and photographer in London for five years, before completing a Postgraduate Degree in Education, specialising in Art Education for Secondary School and beyond.

I have more than 20 years experience in teaching art to people aged 4 to 44, working in both Primary and Secondary Schools as an art specialist. I loved the excitement of the children, but as a teacher I lacked the time to explore my own artistic potential. On the other hand, when I worked as a solo artist I often missed the inspiration of working with others, and feeding off their creativity.

So I decided to bring my teaching and my passion for making art together in a way that let me do all the things I love, at the same time.

This is Artivibe.

We inspire. We capture. We support.