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Welcome to Artivibe’s Art Hub

We believe in art. We believe that art can impart joy. That art can transform sorrow. That art can change minds and heal hearts. We believe that art is magic worth sharing.

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Artivibe is an online creative hub for kids and teachers run by dedicated art teacher and professional photographer and artist, Sarah Shackleton.


We Inspire

Kids Art

Online art videos to inspire creative kids. Join the Artivibe Art Club and get access to an ever-growing library of exciting art lessons and resources plus one-on-one teacher feedback for your child.

Learn new creative skills and push the boundaries of your imagination with a variety of step-by-step art projects, ideal for kids aged 7 and up.


We Support

We provide high-quality art educational resources for time-pressed teachers.

Browse our lesson packs to get instant access to resources created by an experienced art teacher often with a focus on UAE heritage and culture. Need something specific? Let’s talk about your curriculum requirements and tailor something together.


We Capture

Moments worth remembering

As a photographer, Sarah is inspired by the stark richness of Africa’s landscapes. She uses photography to explore her own insatiable creativity and takes delight in capturing the beauty of the continent’s iconic flora and fauna in breathtaking detail.

Every piece is personally printed by the artist onto premium archival paper to ensure lasting quality.



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